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Discover our combined lineup of products:

Fully Cooked Meats 

All-Natural* Meats All-Natural* Meat-and-Veggie Blends Andouille Sausage Bacon Bits and Pieces Beef Toppings 

Canadian-Style Bacon and Ham Chicken Breast Strips Italian and Breakfast Sausage Mexican-Style Meats and Chorizo 

Meatballs Pepperoni Sliced Sausage Links Custom Formulations 

Pack Count/Weight: (2) 5-lb. bags in a box, one 30-lb. box, one 40-lb. box or a combo/tote * Minimally Processed – No Artificial Ingredients

Stocks & Broths

Concentrated Stocks & Flavor Extracts Chicken, Beef, Pork** • Contains added salt or other flavor-enhancing ingredients • Paste or dried formats • Shelf-stable • Water-soluble *Frozen format is made to order. **Only available in paste format. 

Pack Count/Weight: 50-lb. bag in a box, 50-lb. pail or 50-lb. paper bag 

Single-ingredient Stocks & Bone Broths Chicken, Beef, Pork*, Turkey • No added ingredients • Frozen or dried formats • Water-soluble *Frozen format is made to order.

Savory Fats

Chicken Turkey Beef Fat and Beef Tallow Bacon Fat Pork Fat and Lard 

Pack Count/Weight: Bag in a box or a pail

Pudding, Gelatins & Peanut Butter

Puddings Instant Banana Cream Butterscotch Butter Pecan Chocolate* Coconut Cream Lemon Milk Chocolate Pistachio Vanilla* * Available in fat-free and sugar-free, contains artificial sweeteners.  

Cooked Butterscotch Chocolate Tapioca Vanilla  

Premium Desserts Chocolate Flan Coconut Mango Mousse Horchata Pudding Pumpkin Spice Pudding 

Pack Count/Weight: 25- lb. bag in a box 

Gelatins Apricot Berry Blue Black Cherry Black Raspberry Bloom Cherry* Grape Lemon Lime Orange* Peach Pineapple Raspberry Strawberry Unflavored 

All gelatins are colored, flavored, dry-mix gelatins without added sweeteners. * Available in sugar-free, contains artificial sweeteners.  

Pack Count/Weight: 30- lb. bag in a box  

Peanut Butter Pack Count/Weight: 25-lb. pail  

Our packaging options are plant-dependent.

Meet Hormel Ingredient Solutions, the unified team made up of Burke Industrial and Hormel Ingredients. We brought our teams together to combine our shared commitment to serving our customers through high-quality ingredients, industry-leading expertise and collaborative partnerships. Discover all the ways we can help bring your ideas to life.  

Superior Products The most successful applications call for the best ingredients. From foundational products to fully cooked meats, we're dedicated to providing you with the finest quality. Our SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, Quality (Edition 8) is the highest certification awarded by the Safe Quality Food Institute, providing further proof of our commitment to safety and performance.

Industry Expertise We have the smarts to help your team succeed. With more than a century of combined experience in the industry and access to the latest consumer insights, we deliver limitless possibilities for your most on-trend creations.

Solutions Driven Team With the right food ingredient partner, anything is possible! Our dedicated experts work directly with your team to provide endless inspiration and peace of mind through our network of resources. 

Contact us to request a sample or learn how we can help bring your ideas to life.